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Forget The "Golf-ish" Exercises And Training That Don't Work!
Discover How To Get Into Your Best Shape To Play Your Best Golf The RIGHT Way, Without Overhauling Your Schedule With A Training Program You Can’t Possibly Sustain.  
Here Are The Exact 5-Steps Of Success You'll Discover Inside Golf Body Blueprint-Activate That Are Going To Give You The Competitive Edge...
Discover the true story of your body's strengths and weaknesses so you know where to start and where you're going.  We do this for three main reasons: 
  • Identify Your Starting Point so you're not wasting any time with the wrong intensity or, even worse, creating a recipe for injury
  • Bring Awareness To Injuries, Tightness And Imbalances to easily identify trouble areas that need improvement and may cause injury
  • Track Non-Obvious Metrics like mobility and range of motion that aren't as easily noticeable as weight loss so you get addicted to progress
Training for golf is different than training for every other sport. You'll learn how to fix, and then take advantage of your Golf Body Target Areas (hips, shoulders, ankles, back) that are currently restricting your swing and costing you strokes.

Rather than a typical routine that focuses on one area, you're going to improve your overall body strength to ensure all aspects of your swing are optimized. 
In this training, you’ll discover OVERSPEED Training - the rocket fuel we use to quickly gain a ton of distance, and what separates this training from every other program out there. We’ve seen our golfers gain up to 30 yards after just one 15-minute session. WITHOUT losing consistency or accuracy.    
Golfers often confuse flexibility with mobility - mobility gives you the ability to put your body and club into the correct position, aka your posture, to maximize power.

Superior control allows your muscles and joints to work efficiently so your body does what you are asking it to do so you play more consistent rounds.
Movement heals, movement creates strength and movement is often the determining factor as to whether you can get the club to do what you want it to do in your swing or not.

If this is all you did for the next 60 days and didn’t even touch the rest of the program, you would still feel better than you have in years and would be playing golf with WAY less pain.
There are no shortcuts to success, but the SURE-FIRE TOOK KIT we provide comes close.  Use them and you'll be well on your way to becoming the best version of you as a golfer.
  • Training Calendar so you always know what to do next
  • Workout Logs to easily track your progress
  • Cheat Sheets to keep you safe with the proper form
Here's Why This System Would Normally Cost $999
If we were to take you into our facility and personally train you, it would easily take 5 hours just to cover the basics and make sure you understand them.  At nearly $200/hour, it would turn into a pretty expensive day...like it usually does with private coaching.

One of the reasons we can offer the training at this price is because I don't ship you anything.  You get the entire training program, videos, tracking, calendars, and all the bonuses INSTANTLY!

Because of that, we're releasing Golf Body Blueprint - Activate today at the lowest rate possible...
When you become a member of Golf Body Blueprint - Activate, we'll give you a full 30 days to test it out - at no risk to you.  If, during those first 30 days, you find you're not satisfied with Golf Body Blueprint - Activate...You can simply email our team at support@18strong.com and cancel your account.  We'll give you a refund, no questions asked.
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Results. Guaranteed.

If this program doesn't help you get into shape and play better golf, simply send us a quick note to support@18strong.com (within 30 days of purchase) and we will return 100% of your investment.  We promise the training works...as long as you also work.
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